Coins and Paper Money

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Do you have old or unique coins or paper money you think may be of valuable? Do you have coins or bills with misprints or specific collectible qualities?

Some of the most valuable money like the 1981 US Red Seal $1000 bill, the 1931 Liberty Head Nickel, the 1904 Silver Dollar, or the 1343 Edward III florin are worth millions of dollars. But, you don’t have to own the 1787 Brasher Boubloon to make significant profit off your rare or unusual coins or paper money.

There Are Tons Of Collectible Coins And Bills

that may be hiding in your change jar right this very moment. Coins like the 1969 Lincoln Cent with a Doubled Die Obverse, or the 1982 no mint mark Roosevelt Dime are worth hundreds – and there are many other coins and bills that may be worth much more than that. Of course, unless you’re a professional collectibles trader, it can be very hard to tell a commonplace coin or paper money from something valuable or collectible. That’s why Florida Sports Card Investors is here for you. We’re eager to give you a free evaluation of your coins and bills, so you can make a smart choice about selling your collectibles.