Finders Fee

Know someone who has an amazing collection? This is your chance to make some big $$$ for referring them to the industries most trusted collectible buyers. Our finder’s fee allows you to send us information on collections and get paid for the collections you find.

Here’s How

Here are our rates and examples of payouts**


$2,000 – you get paid $100
$10,000 – you get paid $750
$150,000 – you get paid a whopping $15,000!

Our Terms and Conditions

** Florida Sports Card Investors will pay between 5%-10% of the purchase price of a private collection referral up to $100,000. Public venues including but not limited to eBay, auction houses, craigslist, and offer-up are not valid submissions for referral fees. At Florida Sports Card Investors sole discretion, if you are submitting information from public venues we does not purchase from, poor quality leads, or people with collections who have not agreed to be contacted, we may deactivate your affiliate account at any time.